Canada Swahili Institute Inc. (Swahili Canada) is a not for-profit organization incorporated in Manitoba to promote exchange and development programs between Canada and Swahili speaking countries of Africa. Swahili speaking countries include Tanzania, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.  Swahili is also extensively spoken in the new state of South Sudan, Comoros, Somalia and Mozambique. A sizeable number of Swahili speakers have immigrated to Canada and wish to be involved in Canada’s development agenda with Africa. Similarly with the increasing globalization, there has been a heightened need for resources to help bridge the gap between Canada and Africa. Swahili Canada strives to present an additional platform to advocate, initiate, monitor and strengthen these linkages. Key objectives of Swahili Canada include;

  • Promoting exchange programs between Canadian Universities with  Institutions of higher learning in Swahili Africa
  • Initiating linkages between communities in  Canada with those in Swahili Africa
  • Supporting development and welfare programs targeted at Swahili speakers in Canada.
  •  Partnering and supporting  organizations in Canada with development  interest in Swahili-speaking Africa
  • Promoting the use of Swahili language in North America.