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Manitoba Swahili Course

This is a basic Swahili language speaking, listening, writing and reading course for beginners in Swahili. It is appropriate for those wishing to travel to Africa for business or leisure. It is also useful for those wishing to learn Swahili as an additional language.
Residents of Manitoba may send an email to  to arrange for appointments and schedules.

Graduate Students Exchange Program

Countries of Africa continue to be held back in their national aspirations by severe challenges posed by poverty, famine and disease. Infectious diseases in particular presents a serious development challenge. Despite recent strides made in treatment of malaria, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, their eradication remains a major obstacle. There is an urgent need hence to develop new insights and novel tools applicable to Africa environments.. Such findings shall come through new cadres of well trained biomedical and public health investigators from Africa collaborating with counterparts from developed countries. The Canada Swahili Institute is supporting capacity building in biomedical and public health sciences targeting postgraduate students from   Africa though exchange programs with Canadian universities.

Promotiion of Sport for communityand International Development

Throughout history, sport has enjoyed universal appeal across all global cultures. In 1978, UNESCO in its Charter of Physical Education and Sport recognized sport as fundamental human right for all. The positive attributes of sports which include bringing people together, promotion of health and quality life could be harnessed for international development. Key areas that sport could play a significant role include poverty eradication, conflict resolution, social empowerment, and peace building. Canada Swahili Institute Inc. will promote and support sports initiatives  in deserving communities in  Canada and Africa.